Workwear Safety Clothing and PPE

In hazardous environments, especially in the trade sector, you must comply all health and safety laws to ensure your safety whilst at work. Our workwear clothing and PPE range have been selected to ensure keep you safe in your working environment. Safety is a necessity when working, and our workwear clothing range here at Hykeham DIY and Leisure encompasses a variety of different needs so that everyone can get their hands on an item of clothing that suits them perfectly.

With workwear such as sweatshirts, trousers, work jackets and work shirts, your search for workwear has never been easier. We have a wide variety of sizes, styles and brands across all of our workwear, giving you more options so that you can make the better choice for you.

Not only do we have a vast range of workwear clothing, but our PPE products include head protection, respiratory protection, eye protection and ear protection for guaranteed safety in the working environment. Our high visibility clothing makes sure you stand out to others around, keeping your safer and seen. Our expert staff can assist you with the type of clothing, footwear and protection that is most suited to you are your career.

A Selection Of Workwear Products we have in store

Hi Visibilty Jackets
Hi Visibilty Waistcoats
Safety Footwear
Workwear Clothing
Eye Protection
Safety Helmets
Waterproof Clothing
Workwear Jackets
Respiratory Masks
Knee Pads
Safety Gloves

Safety Footwear

Stocking over 50 pairs of safety footwear, our choices ranges from trainer, to boots, rigger boots, and welly’s, all with the option of a steel toe cap, in sizes 3 to 13! We also keep a selection of air safety boots, and welly boot in different colours patterns and sizes. He boots we keep cater to all budgets and offer a broad range of brands such as, dewalt, apache,herock, lee cooper, and sterling+ many more.

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Hi-visibility Clothing

Hi-visibility is a British standard in a lot of labouring jobs, this is why we think it’s essential we stock a good selection! Our range includes products such as, vests, jackets, coats, fleeces, trousers, and waterproof trousers in all sizes, with the hi-vis vests also available for kids.

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Workwear Trousers

We are one of the largest stockists in Lincolnshire keeping trousers to accommodate to all budgets, as we supply various brands including premium brands such as apache, dewalt, lee cooper, herock, etc. Our range includes several different styles to suit all types of work spaces for example, shorts, trousers that have the option of zipping off into shorts, and ones with various amounts of pockets.

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Personal Protection

PPE is a vital component of the trade and diy market nowadays so we stock a selection of gloves for all jobs, also all respiratory gear for different types of hazardous chemicals and gases which may affect you. Our main stock is knee pads and a wide selection of safety glasses offering all types of protection.

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Overalls, boiler suits and coveralls are generic terms for a garment that covers or protects the everyday clothes of the wearer. We stock several suits to cheap throwaway to coveralls what are oil resistant, flame retardant.

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Jackets & Jumpers

Our Jackets & jumpers is a huge range to suit all peoples tastes and budgets, we keep lightweight jackets, winter jackets, windproof jackets and soft shell in various colours and sizes. Also our jumper selection is even bigger with fleeces, hoodies, pullover and zipped again in various sizes and colours to suit all tastes and budgets.

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