dyson repair and service in Lincoln

Dyson Service, Repair and Sales

Our dyson centre is the largest displayed reconditioned dysons in Lincolnshire offering over 50 different models with high stock availability in them all, we start from £50 to £200 reconditioned and also stock new dysons so we provide all aspects of everyones budget. We also sell a large range of parts and accessories for dysons to cover all models, whether its for repairing or adding more tools. While offering parts we also have a big repair centre to take all dysons in for servicing and repair. We start our servicing from only £30 + parts if any is needed.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and one of our team will be able to help out on your queries.


"Thanks to Henry my Dyson works, great service"

If you wish to contact us to discuss any Dyson related queries or questions, please call us on 01522 686630/ 01522 680659 or use our contact form here.

Visit Us In Our Store

Open 7 days a week, we welcome everyone to our sore to view our vast selection of products and reconditioned Dysons we have available. As a reputable repair and service centre located in Lincoln we are here to help you. With spare parts also in stock, your Dyson can have a full makeover.